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‘Barton Fink’

The film Barton Fink (1991) is something of an enigma: the main character, a playwright, Barton Fink, is applauded by the critics… More→

‘The Terminal Man’

An automobile accident leaves Harry Benson brain damaged, with severe epilepsy and bouts of violent behaviour. He’s put forward a… More→

‘Prince of the City’

Prince of the City (1981) is a film about Danny Cielloa, a New York policeman in the Special Investigations Unit. He wants… More→


Nosferatu (1922), the German silent film of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula (1897), itself based on earlier versions of the vampire m… More→

‘Southern Comfort’

When nine Louisiana Guards trek into the bayou and one of them foolishly antagonises the Cajun locals, a straightforward… More→


Right from the opening title sequence — a distorted black and white close up of an eye — it’s apparent that Seconds is an extra… More→

‘Planet Earth’

Planet Earth (1974) is a post-apocalyptic film set in 2133. Following a nuclear holocaust the USA has been replaced by a series… More→

‘Mulholland Drive’

Originally intended as the pilot episode of a TV series, half-way through shooting Mulholland Drive (2001) became a film. The… More→

‘Sharky’s Machine’

Sharky’s Machine (novel, 1978; film 1981) features tough Atlanta cop Sharky and his team, the ‘machine’. They are the modern day equiv… More→

‘The Arrangement’

Advertising executive Eddie Anderson wakes at his luxurious mansion and goes about his morning routine preparing for work. The… More→


In the 1929 silent film Piccadilly, Shosho, a Chinese kitchen maid works at an upmarket Piccadilly club, and attracts the owner’s a… More→

‘The Revenant’

The Revenant (2015) begins with a set piece battle scene in which Native American Indians from the Arikara tribe attack American… More→