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‘They Live’

The aliens in They live (1988) are already here, and they’ve successfully infiltrated society; walking around, doing ordinary t… More→

‘Charley Varrick’

In Charley Varrick (1973) a botched bank robbery necessitates that Charley Varrick use his wits to outmanoeuvre an untrustworthy… More→

‘Lawnmower Man’

In Lawnmower Man (1992) Dr. Lawrence Angelo, a scientist at Virtual Space Industries, uses his research to increase Jobe Smith’s i… More→


Moonlight (2016) chronicles the transformation of a quiet child into adulthood — struggling to survive in a dysfunctional and v… More→

‘Kung Fu’

The television series Kung Fu ran on US television from 1972 to 1975. It featured a half-American half-Chinese Shaolin monk… More→

‘I, Daniel Blake’

When Daniel Blake is forced to take time off work, to recover from a heart attack, he attempts to sign on for an invalidity… More→


In Passengers (2016), Jim Preston and Aurora Lane, two travellers abroad a spaceship, are released from stasis about 90 years… More→

‘A Boy and His Dog’

In the film A Boy and His Dog (1975), Vic, a teenager, struggles to stay alive in a hostile, post-apocalyptic world. Following a… More→


In Telefon (1977), Dalchimsky — a rogue Soviet intelligence agent, furious that the Premier wants talks with the US — goes to Ame… More→

‘The 39 Steps’

The 39 Steps (1935) is an intriguing film that encapsulates the paranoia and fear of a foreign power stealing British military… More→


In a corrupt world where the law keepers are receiving kickbacks from criminals, and the cops are terrorising small businesses… More→

‘The Shining’

The Shining (1980) begins with stunning aerial shots of a yellow Volkswagen Beetle travelling along a mountain road, and doom… More→


It’s difficult to see Metropolis (1927) in the 21 Century and not to be in awe of its stunning originality; a vision of a F… More→