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‘Charley Varrick’

In Charley Varrick (1973) a botched bank robbery necessitates that Charley Varrick use his wits to outmanoeuvre an untrustworthy… More→

The Cold War

During the Cold War the West associated itself with ‘freedom’ and contrasted that with the Soviet Union’s ‘repressive’ one-party state. Th… More→

‘Lawnmower Man’

In Lawnmower Man (1992) Dr. Lawrence Angelo, a scientist at Virtual Space Industries, uses his research to increase Jobe Smith’s i… More→

Subterranean Stories

Since ancient times, fictional worlds have existed below the earth’s surface: populated by mysterious cave dwellers, confusing l… More→


Moonlight (2016) chronicles the transformation of a quiet child into adulthood — struggling to survive in a dysfunctional and v… More→