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The Post-Apocalyptic Story

In Five — the first post-apocalyptic Hollywood film — the characters rationalise their experience and ponder their future in a wor… More→

‘Nocturnal Animals’

Susan Morrow ponders the relationship she walked out of — leaving her ex-husband Edward Sheffield — while reading his newly com… More→

The Pointless Quest

The classical hero carried out his quest as a matter of honour, because it was his sacred duty. This usually meant slaying the… More→

Repetition in Storytelling

Repetition is boring. Right? So, it follows that repetition has to be the enemy of great storytelling — but the opposite is true; p… More→


Videodrome (1983) is the story of a pirate television station that broadcasts violent, sadomasochistic, snuff content. The effect… More→

Surrealism in Films

Surrealism, with its subconscious dream-like imagery and bizarre incongruities, represents a symbolic and psychologically charged… More→

‘They Live’

The aliens in They live (1988) are already here, and they’ve successfully infiltrated society; walking around, doing ordinary t… More→

The Swimming Pool in Film

The swimming pool is a symbol of luxury and money, of having ‘made it’ in life. The poolside location has associations of summer rel… More→