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‘Arrival’ Vs ‘Life’

The films Arrival (2016) and Life (2017) offer two versions of the ‘first contact’ story — humanity’s initial encounter with alien l… More→

The System

Stories take place within distinct worlds that have specific characteristics. This can involve a social or cultural way of doing… More→


Family is our home, it’s where we come from, and return to. Characters without a family, will go in search of one, or create a n… More→


In Badlands (1973) fifteen-year-old Holly Sargis falls for James Dean look-a-like Kit Carruthers. He’s handsome and charismatic, b… More→

Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds are computer generated environments where characters have defining experiences that either mirror or subvert… More→

The Perception of Reality

Illusion and reality, the story within the story, truth and lies — these are the basic challenges that a contemporary hero must f… More→


The mask is a storytelling device that obscures a wearer’s identity, while highlighting his or her psychological predicament — mas… More→