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Stuff about me

— My name is Adrian Graham.
— I live in Surrey and work in London, England.
— I’m currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing.

This is my official home page.

What’s ‘The Subtext’ about?

In 2016 I began a project called ‘The Subtext’. It is designed to develop my ideas about stories and storytelling.

Writing fiction

I also write fiction — I’m currently working on new material. I’ll share further information about this as and when it becomes available.

Other stuff

As a precursor to The Subtext (back in 2007) I set up a small press called Magic Box Press. Magic Box Press published a collection of my very short stories called, The Revelation: And a Hundred Other Stories.

This was a way of exploring the dynamics (and economics) of operating a small press and producing a professional (trade quality) print and ebook publication. The project has its own website where you can read the stories for free.

(Or, you can read them at Google books.)

Ask a question

If you’d like to get in touch, to ask a question about one of the articles on this site — or if you have a question about something else — hit the button below!

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